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As I was leaving my hotel room this morning, my phone rang. It was crew scheduling again. Even though I was literally in the hallway, walking toward the elevator, they told me that there had been another change in my assignment. Now I didn’t have to be to the airport for another 3 hours or so- that I would be filling in for a flight attendant who had to call in sick when he/she was already working a trip. Instead of working to Las Vegas and then to Indianapolis, they told me I was now going to work to Denver, then on to Indianapolis.

Before my flight pushed back, I checked the temperature outside. -2°. I love the cold, even when it’s THIS cold- it’s magical. Enroute to Denver, I took a picture of the fields below. Not a bad view from the office!


By the time I landed in Denver, there was yet another message to call my scheduling department. No longer am I needed to go to Indianapolis. Instead, I’m off to Minneapolis. I do understand that flight attendants get sick. I also understand that in this industry there are going to be weather and mechanical delays and cancellations. Still, I am starting to feel like the flight attendant whipping boy.

After three hours of “airport appreciation” in Denver, I worked one more leg to MSP in Minnesota. I worried that there would be another message letting me know about yet another assignment change. Luckily, there was no such message. I was free to head to the hotel.

After changing out of my uniform, I walked over to The Mall of America for a few minutes. Even though it’s very close to the hotel, it was a brutal walk. It was only 5° out, and so I felt an instant and constant ice cream headache. I don’t think the north pole would feel much different.

img_6865Even though I only worked two legs, I am exhausted. I can’t wait to climb into bed and nod off. Even though I wondered where I’d end up, it was still a good day. I was blessed to meet so many new coworkers and am happy to report that all the passengers were great.

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