Sometimes the fact that I don’t live at my base (Denver) can get annoying. Instead of driving to work, like most people. My commute is a 50-minute drive to downtown Salt Lake City, then I have to wait for a shuttle (up to 30 minutes) to take me to the airport. Next, I make my... Continue Reading →

As I was leaving my hotel room this morning, my phone rang. It was crew scheduling again. Even though I was literally in the hallway, walking toward the elevator, they told me that there had been another change in my assignment. Now I didn’t have to be to the airport for another 3 hours or... Continue Reading →

It’s a very rainy day in Los Angeles, California. It doesn’t even look like California at the moment. When my first flight landed, I had a message to call crew scheduling. I did so, and the scheduler on the other end of the line told me that I had been rerouted. I was originally supposed... Continue Reading →

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