This is probably one of my favorite burgers (at Flight 101 Sports Bar At Marriot Hotel)- I used to like a burger in Milwaukee the best, but new restaurant management changed everything there. Dummy Heads!

Tonight I’m in Buffalo, New York. It seems that work has me staying in a pretty good hotel here but in a not-so-good location. My dinner choices were either the hotel bar or a nearby McDonalds. Since this McDonalds has a higher restaurant review online than the hotel bar (according to, I decided to treat myself... Continue Reading →

The workers at Waffle House #1584 in Columbus, Ohio are awesome! One of the gals even called me “sugar”. I had my usual- the fiesta omelet. It was delicious! Happy that this is the 14th different Waffle House location I’ve eaten at. 14 down, 86 to go!

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