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Scotland 5: Day 34

04.03.16 | Edinburgh Hostel | 10:29

It’s raining today. A cold and windy Sunday morning. I just got back from breakfast and think I’ll stay inside and see if some of this cold weather burns off. I don’t mind the overcast weather, but I had planned on walking through a cemetery or two to look for names. At the moment, that would be a damp mess.

Instead, I’m sitting on my hostel bed, waiting for some inspirational talks to download onto my iPhone. No church today since it’s General Conference- and there is no way this crap-tacular internet connection is going to let me stream it live. I’m not even going to try. I’ll get the mp3 download soon enough.


I found a late lunch at a restaurant west of the castle called Bun Meats Bun. Quite a clever name- many of their menu items had clever names as well, such as “The Lamb Shank Redemption”. I giggled as I looked it over. I ended up getting a burger, but this was unlike any other burger I’ve had. You see- this was called a Butter Bacon Burger… but the butter was made from bone marrow!

This is what I call opening myself up to trying new things. The problem is that the burger tasted quite weird. I think it’s simply the fact that they told me what I was eating and so I wanted to automatically reject it. That’s not what life is about- life is about (or should be about) opening yourself up to new experiences, at least in my opinion. I think it would’ve tasted better if I’d not known the ingredients.



I feel sorry for one of my roommates at the hostel here. He stays up all night playing some game on his computer and then he sleeps all day. Doesn’t he realize how amazing this city is? There’s so much to see and do and experience! That being said, I’m going for a walk, maybe up Calton Hill, but I haven’t decided yet. I have downloaded most of the General Conference talks and am going to go have a listen.

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