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Scotland 5: Day 27

03.27.16 | Inverness Hostel | 21:41

Warning- this post gets a tiny bit religious. Read on!

Today was Easter Sunday- I celebrated by going to church. The Inverness congregation is quite small but much bigger than Oban Branch. I’m not sure what the requirements for being considered a ‘ward’ are, something to do with the numbers, but I’m guessing Inverness barely touches whatever those requirements are.

The service was quite good, with a special musical number by all the men in the ward. I think there were about 13 guys standing in the small choir seating area, singing a mostly-in-key version of Because I Have Been Given Much. It was great- I’m a big fan of special musical numbers. If you’re not familiar with the Mormons, let me just tell you- once a month we have fast and testimony meeting where any member of the congregation gets up and speaks, from the heart, sharing his or her own testimony. Often, it’s a list of the things he or she is thankful for, possibly a story of how Heaven Father has touched their life recently, etc.

Today was that day. Normally this happens on the first Sunday of each month, but since General Conference is next week, they moved it up to today. It may sound strange to someone who hasn’t been to one of these meetings, but it’s actually quite nice. The perfect compliment to today, being Easter Sunday and all. In the church, we learn about living the gospel from each other, not from just one minister, bishop or head-of-the-congregation type individual.

The bishop gave the lesson in Sunday school. He started to talk about recognizing the voice of the Savior. This was quite interesting when he used me as an example. He pointed to me and told the class that there was no way he wouldn’t recognize my voice. It was my accent which let him know that I was from America. How he loved the sound of my voice. He went on to make his point about recognizing the voice of Jesus in other people.

After the lesson was over, he shook my hand and thanked me for letting him use me as an example (like I had a choice- haha). I told him that was fine- I explained that the things he said were interesting to me because I have never liked my speaking voice. This is something that I have struggled with for years and years. I told him that one day it dawned on me that yes I do hate my speaking voice, but my singing voice, on the other hand, is something that I’ve always enjoyed.

I’m not trying to sound egotistical- that’s the last thing I want to do. If you’ve heard my voice and you don’t enjoy it, that’s ok. But this lesson was for me. I love to sing. I love the sound of the singing voice I have been given, and I love to share this with others. He asked me why I didn’t come up and sing with the men in the men’s special musical number. I told him that I didn’t really want to invite myself up. After all, I hadn’t been in the country during any of the practices- I didn’t know what they were doing with the arrangement, etc. Plus it was nice to sit back and enjoy the music from the congregation side.

He then tells me that I need to sing for them and asks me if I’ll come back sometime and sing in church. Um… heck yes! I tried to remain calm and act like this kind of thing happens to me all the time. I’m not sure when Scotland 6 will take place yet, but I now know for a fact the Inverness will be on the route. How cool would it be to add “International Gig” to my music resume?

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