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Scotland 5: Day 24

03.25.16 | Fort Augustus Hostel | 07:27

Yesterday was a very laid-back kind of day. I had planned on following one of the nearby trails so I could take some pictures and take in some nature, but when I woke it was raining hard. I walked into town to find some breakfast and realized that I didn’t want to be out in the weather. I just wasn’t feeling it. After eating, I headed back up to the hostel to wait it out a bit.

The rains stopped by mid-morning, but it stayed just as cloudy and I didn’t really want to chance it and try to make my way down a muddy trail. I decided that I would spend the day indoors. It got boring- thank goodness for movies.

By late afternoon, it was looking good again so I went out to find some dinner. I had a great lamb shank. So here’s my question: Are baby lambs treated the same way as baby calves are- that are used as veal? I have rarely ordered veal because one of my nieces told me that the calf is treated so bad. So where do you draw the line? What’s acceptable and what isn’t- in your opinion? I know that animals are here for the use of humans, but what’s your stand?

Wow- this post just took a dramatic turn, right? Anyway, last night I took a few pictures of the loch after dinner and headed back to the hostel. I sat and chatted with a girl who is from Oregon. She has quit her job (not sure why) and is trying to travel the world at the moment (this I can totally relate to). I asked her if she was blogging about all this, and she said she had a blog but so far she has only posted to it once. I’d love to follow her blog- but since she never posts… oh well.

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