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Scotland 5: Day 20

03.20.16 | Aberdeen Hostel | 20:26

On Sundays, like today, I try to do things a bit different. I left the hostel this morning at about 09:00 and walked to church. It wasn’t too long of a walk, maybe 3 miles or so. Here’s a fun fact for you: The layout of the church here in Aberdeen is exactly like the layout of the ward building in Hobart, Tasmania. File that one away under random facts, and if that helps you to win double jeopardy, you’re welcome.

The members of the ward made me feel very welcome. Everybody was extremely kind! I told them that I now live in Utah and that the bigwigs from Salt Lake City sent me to check up on them. They got a kick out of that. So I’m chatting with one of the older men and he asks me if I know Elizabeth Smart (remember the gal who was abducted by those psychos? Google her name if you don’t). I told him not personally but I did know who he was talking about. He told me that she’s married to his grandson. No way! That’s pretty cool! He was a very nice man, too.

After the block, I quickly said goodbye and headed back to the hostel. The reason I left so fast was because I knew they were going to have a “munch and mingle”. This is where they get together after church and have a meal. I didn’t want to feel like I was inviting myself. I know they would have been fine with me joining them, but when I was in Oban, two weeks ago, they asked me to stay for one and I felt bad when there wasn’t enough food to go around. It was good to go to church today, though.

This evening was spent walking around aimlessly. I found some dinner while I was out and about. When it started to get dark, I found myself in a not-very-good area of the city. Nothing happened, it just looked the type of place where I would have been robbed and/or raped after dark. Since I wasn’t in the mood to be robbed or raped, I headed back to the hostel.

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