Scotland 5: Prelude 2 02.29.16 | 17:50 (Mountain Time) | Denver > Reykjavik The plane got to the gate about an hour and a half before our scheduled departure. I’m amazed at the number of passengers who stood up to wait in line, even though we had plenty of time before the flight crew was... Continue Reading →

Scotland 5: Prelude 02.29.16 | 13:14 | Denver International Airport This is the quote that one of my roommates jotted down on the dry-erase board in the bathroom at our crashpad. How inspiring is that? I googled it and found the quote on several websites, but can’t find the person who is responsible. Maybe it’s... Continue Reading →

At about 10:30 yesterday morning, my easy one-leg day ended in SeaTac, Washington. As I was walking to the hotel, I was thinking that I needed some kind of adventure. It may be a good day to check off bucket list item number 90, which is to go up into the Seattle Space Needle. I... Continue Reading →

Three Letters To My U.S. Passports Dear First Passport, I wish I had a picture of you to include in this letter. You’re in a drawer or a box somewhere, but when I come across you, I will be sure to scan you and update this entry. I want to take this opportunity to thank... Continue Reading →

Tonight I am extremely tired! I think I got about 20 minutes of sleep last night, but somehow I was able to fake it through my work day.  Last night, my roommate Kyle and I decided to go see the movie The Fifth Wave.  I thought it was a pretty good film, but it did... Continue Reading →

This will be the entry where I issue the needed apology. I went back and reread my entry from yesterday and realized that’s not where I wanted the story to go. You know how some people should never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach? Well, I think I just proved that I should probably... Continue Reading →

Time to vent a little bit. Tonight I’m trying not to hold a grudge against needy passengers. I’d say 99% of our passengers today were incredibly nice and considerate, but there was that small, 1% that sort of make you want to punch a hole into his or her jaw. Thank goodness I can control... Continue Reading →

Today I have been enjoying my second day off of work. It’s been a good one and I’ve spent at least part of it working on future blog entries, and some bucket list organization. I also managed to watch the movie Stranger Than Fiction. Interesting film but took me a little while to get lost... Continue Reading →

Thanks to winter storm Kayla, I’ll be spending the next two days hanging out in Thornton. Nothing against Thornton- I have a great crashpad here and some great roommates, but I was so looking forward to two nights in my own bed. As you probably know, I’ve been working a lot lately for my upcoming... Continue Reading →

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