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The second bucket list: Because enough is never really enough! It reminds me of beating a dead horse…to death. As I’m chasing these dreams, I have, on occasion, discovered that there are more things that I’d really like to accomplish. For example, I was telling a coworker about my visits to Scotland. He told me that he has a similar dream, but that he wants to hike all of the Scottish Bens’. This rolled over and over in my head for weeks, and it dawned on me that this is something I would TOTALLY love to add to my bucket list- and this is just one example. I guess I’m never going to stop dreaming.

From now on, when I am referring to any dream/goal that has been placed on my second bucket list, I will simply give the post a ‘second bucket list’ tag. The whole list won’t be revealed until I come up with a list of 100 more dreams. This new list may take months and months to come up with, or maybe even another year-and-a-half, like the first one did. Once it is complete, I will go back and plug in the right tags and links. The point is this: I’m not going to stop dreaming, even though the first 100 is a nice number.

This brings to mind a song that I really love. It is sung by Katherine Nelson and is called Reaching. It came out on her Sometimes He Lets It Rain album that was released in 2003. Here are the lyrics to the chorus:

Our lives are meant for reaching
From the moment we were born
Our dreams are meant to guide us
To the things we’re reaching for
And as God looks down upon us
I believe he’s reaching too
And I think that he is teaching us
That ‘reaching’ is what we’re here to do

There’s just more that I’m reaching for. Some of these dreams will never be mentioned on this blog, but other dreams -I’ll be happy to give you the play-by-play as they unfold. If you are chasing a bucket list and blogging about it, please let me know- shoot me an email or a message me. I would love to follow your pursuit. Maybe we can inspire each other along the way.

Speaking of inspiration: Here’s Dream Big by Ryan Shupe. I love this lyric!

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