This morning was great! We didn’t have to report to the Newark airport until 17:30, so this meant I had time to run around in New York City for a few hours. Last week, when I realized this was a possibility, I knew I wanted to go get breakfast at Bubby’s, located in Tribeca and... Continue Reading →

The second bucket list: Because enough is never really enough! It reminds me of beating a dead horse…to death. As I’m chasing these dreams, I have, on occasion, discovered that there are more things that I’d really like to accomplish. For example, I was telling a coworker about my visits to Scotland. He told me that he... Continue Reading →

This morning I printed out a map of Scotland. With a pen, I have circled some of the places I’d like to see, many of them I’ve never been to, but some are ones that I’d hate to miss out on, and would like to experience again. The only plan that is for sure- I... Continue Reading →

This is Waffle House #1090 in Morrisville, North Carolina! It is the thirteenth unique location that I have eaten at! Yay for accomplishing goals! Thirteen down, eighty-seven to go!

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