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It was a long day today and I’m so happy to be off of my feet! We worked from BHM to HOU to LAX to DEN. The coolest part of my day was when I got to meet Val Young of The Mary Jane Girls featuring Val Young. They are a group who were big in the ‘80s with Motown Records. Click here to see Val’s Wikipedia page.  We went to the back galley and sang for each other. She sang me an Aretha Franklin song and I sang to her a few lines of Heaven Help Me by Wynonna. She gave me some valuable information and we exchanged cell phone numbers. She was a great gal- I’d love to hear her sing live someday.

Here’s a Val Young recording:

And here’s Heaven Help Me by Wynonna:

Tonight I finished up my online work for my annual recurrent training. Every year I wait until the very last minute to do this. I’m such a horrible procrastinator! Anyway, tomorrow is the actual recurrent training class so I finished it just in time! I’ll get to sit around for 8 hours in this class. Are you jealous? Sooo not looking forward to this but our evil government requires it of me.

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