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This afternoon I ended up in San Juan, Puerto Rico! This is the first time I’ve ever been here, and this helps me check off another overnight location from my list (see bucket list item #74). It just so happens that our crew hotel is a pretty nice resort that sits right on the white, sandy beach! I feel spoiled right now! The only complaint I have is that we’re only here for 12 hours. I heard that the overnights used to be longer here, but those ones are hard to find, especially being based in Denver.

Once we were off the plane, we walked through the maze that is the SJU airport. After a bit of a wander, we found the shuttle that would take us to the hotel. A quick change of clothes and my crew and I met back in the lobby and walked down the street to Plato’s Restaurant. This was suggested by one of the front desk clerks when we asked her if she could suggest some authentic Puerto Rican cuisine that wasn’t too expensing. I ordered a dish that was pork inside of fried plantains, covered by cheese. It was incredibly delicious, even though I’ve never really been a fan of plantains- bitter bananas!

After dinner, we came back to the hotel, changed clothes, walked behind the hotel and stood on the beach for a few minutes. We ended up sitting and chatting in the hot tub for about an hour. It was incredibly relaxing, but I don’t think I’m quite relaxed enough to fall asleep yet. I’m not looking forward to having to wake up at 04:40 local (that is 0140 to my mountain time zone body). Tomorrow morning we have to go back to the cold country!


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