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The hotel shuttle dropped us off at Boston’s Logan International Airport at about 0730 this morning because our flight was scheduled to leave at 0815. After the passengers boarded and we were ready for pushback, our captain got on the P.A. to inform the us that there was some kind of indicator light that was broken. This meant that we’d have to call contract maintenance over to take a look. We all crossed our fingers that it would be a simple fix. As it turned out, it wasn’t a very simple fix at all.

About half an hour later, the mechanic informed us that the plane would be out of commission until he could get the necessary part flown in from Dallas to fix the problem. We now had to deplane all the passengers and wait for another plane to be available. It took about 3 hours to get the needed part from Baltimore, rather than Dallas, and another 2 hours for it to be fixed. It ended up being about a 6-hour delay when we boarded the exact same plane, pushed back from the gate, de-iced and flew a close-to-five-hour flight to Denver.

I’m thankful for the fact that this is an AM trip. If this had happened later in the day, we would have been stuck an extra night in Boston and my work’s scheduling department would have had to pull my next trip and I’m really looking forward to that one. I’m also thankful that other than one rude man, all of the passengers were extremely nice to us. Sometimes passengers tend to blame us for things that are out of our control since they need to blame somebody who is present.

Every other passenger understood that this wasn’t our fault and that just like them, we had places we needed to be. The rude man I’m referring to came to the front galley, just before we were getting ready to leave and told me (in a very grumpy tone) that he was very upset because not only was it his wife’s birthday, but they were going to be late for their dinner reservations in Denver. I wanted to say something very sarcastic to him but held my tongue. All I could do was apologize for something that was 100% out of our control.

I’m happy to be laying in bed at the crashpad and am about to drift off to sleep. Even though I only had to work one leg, that long wait this morning has caused me to be extremely exhausted. Tomorrow I’ll rest and get ready to fly again on Monday.

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