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Boston is cold tonight. The weather forecast is saying it may continue to snow into the night, and then again in the early morning. Unfortunately, this is won’t be enough to leave us stranded here. I would love to be stranded! Years ago, this happened to me twice in one season- both times I happened to be in Providence, Rhode Island at the time. Really bad storms had swept through Baltimore, Maryland and since I was based there, the closed airport kept me from getting back. Stranded pay is a very, very pretty on my paycheck! Maybe I would have gotten my wish, had I been here two or three nights ago.

If it weren’t for the cold, I probably would have ventured into the city. I’m not afraid of the harsh temperatures, but I didn’t really bring a big enough jacket with me. Boston is one of the many cities I need to explore. The only time I’ve been in this city was when I was very young. All I remember is visiting the North Church, and I think I recall some statue of Abraham Lincoln that had a shiny nose. The shine was because tourists like to rub the nose for good luck. Maybe we were somewhere else, though. I’m not quite sure.

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