The hotel shuttle dropped us off at Boston’s Logan International Airport at about 0730 this morning because our flight was scheduled to leave at 0815. After the passengers boarded and we were ready for pushback, our captain got on the P.A. to inform the us that there was some kind of indicator light that was... Continue Reading →

Boston is cold tonight. The weather forecast says it may continue to snow into the night and then again in the early morning. Unfortunately, this won’t be enough to leave us stranded here. I would love to be stranded! Years ago, this happened to me twice in one season- both times, I happened to be... Continue Reading →

  Today I worked my very first international leg. My flight was from Denver to Cancun and then back up to Austin. I just wish that we could have spent the entire night in Cancun, but we were only there on the ground for just under an hour. It’s so exciting that the company is... Continue Reading →

When we were getting ready for push back this morning in Nashville, one of our ramp agents noticed that there was something “funny” with one of the tires on our plane. Even though we had already closed the doors and completed our safety demonstration, our captain decided that it would be best to have a... Continue Reading →

I’d like to give a shoutout to my new friend D’Lene, whom I met on my commute flight from Salt Lake City to Denver this morning. She was incredibly nice and even though she told me she was shy, we had a good and long chat about everything from hiking to online dating to driving... Continue Reading →

I’m sitting at the crashpad, chatting with Victor, one of our newly hired flight attendants. The boy talks a lot, but he passes the test since he seems to be very kind. This is his second month at the airline, and he was just telling me about his hellish commute from Oakland to Denver last... Continue Reading →

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