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Leaving our motel this morning, we saw this sign. Now that’s what I call one-stop shopping!

This morning I woke up at about 05:10. I tried so hard to fall back to sleep but ended up just laying there. I finally rolled out of bed at about 06:45 when Megan woke up. We slowly started to get ready when it dawned on me that Megan really needs a blog. Most of what she says makes sense and she usually makes me laugh. I figure the world needs to listen to her rants. FYI you can read her version of these events by going to Note: If her report of the events that transpire aren’t the same as my report, she’s the liar, not me.

We had just over three hours to drive this morning and we made it to the beautiful Lake Quinault Lodge in Quinault, Washington. We walked around the grounds for a few minutes because Megan saw one of her favorite flowers and so we had to go take some pictures of them.


We asked the front desk about campsites and they gave us a map. We first checked out Falls Creek. This is the campsite that they told me I needed to stay at because it was “the best”. When we found it, I asked the camp host about staying nearby, and she told me that we were out of luck because they had just closed Falls Creek for the season. We continued down the road and found another campground.

The spot was very nice because it had a little beach, right on the lake. We met a nice couple from British Columbia who were considering staying there too. Out of the goodness of our heart, we gave them first pick of spots and we were ready to pick a spot nearby. We thought we’d first need to check out the third campground, Willaby Creek.

Willaby Creek is also on the water, but it’s higher up so you have to actually hike down a steep bank to get to the lake. The camping spot with no neighboring campers (at the time) that would easily fit both of our tents. We decided that this would be the best place for us to camp. As we stood there, admiring the location, the camp-leader-guy (I don’t know his official title, so I gave him that one) came up and asked us if we were interested in camping here.

He asked us where we were from and when we told him Kentucky and Utah, he very quickly launched into his pro-Romney, anti-Obama speech about how he hoped that our next President was going to be a Mormon. We laughed and joined in the conversation and pretty much agreed with everything he had to say. He went as far as telling us that he and his wife had even prayed about it and knew that they were supposed to support Mitt Romney. It’s always nice to hear things like this, especially when we’re not even at church. When he was gone, Megan asked if I was interested in camping at this location. I replied, “he had me at Romney.”


The camp host, whose name we learned is Bob, told us where we could find an ATM as well some groceries. We drove down the street to a tiny town called Amanda Park. Just passed Amanda Park there is a small grocery store/motel/trailer park where we were able to grab a few things. I guess for me, the real camping will start tomorrow as I grab some junk food to make Smore’s, some honey nut Cheerios and some milk. We’ll be more “camping-y” tomorrow as part of our plan is to get the ingredients to make some killer tinfoil dinners.

This afternoon, we went on our first hike. We did about 2 ½ miles. It was nice and slow walk, especially the first half. This is because we were rather camera-happy. I told Megan that the challenge is to take at least 20 steps before taking another picture. We failed that challenge miserably. I thought that the 60 pictures that I took was a little excessive, but then Megan told me that she had taken 141. Geez girl!




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