Scotland 4: Day 34

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4.30.11 | Edinburgh > Glasgow | 09:18

I had a horrible time falling asleep last night. My stomach started bothering me- I felt as if I’d gotten food poisoning. I waited in bed for a bit, and it finally went away. When I fell asleep, I slept fine throughout the night.

I just had to say goodbye to Edinburgh, the greatest city in the world. My joy is full, but my heart wants more. Is that poetic? I think so. More sad news: I was unable to find my cell phone. That means if any of my friends and family get random calls from someone with a Scottish accent- please ask that person to return my phone.

Luckily, all my calls are being forwarded to another number, so I’ll still get my messages. I can use my Skype phone on my iPad or my home computer. If anybody texts me, however, that will probably be lost forever. I should have a new phone in 3 or 4 days, hopefully. I suppose I should have gotten some kind of traveler’s insurance.

I just ate a delicious and healthy breakfast from the train’s trolley: a brownie and hot chocolate. Sadly, this is one of the healthier meals that they offer.

Glasgow Hostel |10:36

Check-in time isn’t until 15:00, so I’m hanging out in the lobby. Connor and Rorrie should be here somewhere. They stayed here last night and even though they are leaving on a cruise to Ireland tonight, they said that they may meet me for lunch. When I arrived, I asked the receptionist if the twins had checked out. She asked me, “Conner and Rorrie?” I laughed and said yes. She said they’d checked out but they said they’d be back. I find it funny that they sent a message to me through the front desk. Hope they get here so we can grab lunch or something.

I had lunch at the Brunswick Hotel again (I’d eaten there at the beginning of this trip) and it was lovely. I stayed there for about an hour and a half before heading back to the hostel. When I got back, the receptionist said that the twins were there about 10 minutes ago, and said that they were going to find me at the Brunswick.

There were so many people out yesterday- the sun was shining and it was a Saturday. We could have easily passed each other on the street and not seen each other. Oh well. haha


I checked into my own room and for the first time on this trip, I’m not having to sleep in a bunk bed! Yes! My room actually has a queen-size bed.


I got dinner tonight at a chip shop. It was a pretty good shish kabob. It’s been a while since I’ve had that. Delicious!

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