Scotland 4: Day 6

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04.02.11 | Glasgow > Edinburgh | 08:58

I had to wake up a bit early this morning to get my train to Edinburgh. Edinburgh is my favorite city in the whole stinking world, so this is very cool. The train is supposed to leave in two minutes. I can hardly stand it. On my way over here, I stopped for some breakfast at the K.F.C.

When I got to my train, there was a lady and her daughter sitting in my seat. I told her I had reserved this seat. I was very kind and smiled at her. She grabbed her daughter and moved to the seats on the other side. She wasn’t there for two minutes when somebody came up to her and told her that she and her daughter were sitting in their seats. She argued with them for a moment and then grabbed her daughter and had crossed to another seat. Then it happened a third time- about five minutes later, a couple showed up and told her that she was in their seat. My question to her is this: What’s the point of getting a seat if she’s going to ignore her seat assignment? This isn’t Southwest Airlines, ma’am, we assign seats here.


I highly recommend riding Scotrail if you come this way [website]. They’re not very expensive and if you add a bus, they’ll take you just about anywhere you need to go. Also, you don’t have the hassle of messing with a rental car, and driving on the other side of the road can be a mess.

Edinburgh, Scotland | 1029

I arrived at my second destination safely. The funny thing: I meant to reserve the same hostel that I stayed in when I was last here, 3 or 4 years ago, or whenever it was. I didn’t realize till I was walking down the hill, toward the wrong hostel, that I was actually booked somewhere else. Whoops! When I tried to check in, they told me that they wouldn’t allow check-ins till after 14:00. Now I get to hang out for a couple of hours. I would go and explore the city, but there isn’t a secure place to store my backpack. I’m going to be hanging out here for a spell. Perhaps I’ll go find a quick lunch in a couple of hours. I’ll hold off my major explorations until later on this afternoon.


Lunch was at Monster Mash, which is where I ate my first haggis, the last time I was in Edinburgh. I didn’t want to repeat the haggis experience so I ordered the bangers and mash. The sausages of the day were venison and beef with tomato.


I came back to the hostel and met one of my ten roommates. Yes, there are ten people in the room. His name is Mike and he’s from Pittsburgh. Mike is a student and is an English major. He took six months off of college and has been tooling around Europe. He says that he was recently in Norway where he got a job as a construction worker, living with some guy. He said Norway is still very, very cold but the weather changes frequently there, just like Scotland.

Mike was just sitting up on his bed, looking bored, so I asked him if he wanted to go walk up Calton Hill with me. Calton Hill overlooks Edinburgh and isn’t too much of a hike. We made our way over to New Town and then hiked up. I do want to go back up early one of these mornings because I remember that the view from the hill at sunrise is just breathtaking.

He wanted to get back to find a pub because he had some game that he wanted to watch on T.V. I went to find a drug store to pick up some soap, a soap holder and a refill for my Mach 3. A necessity if I’m to keep up this shaving lifestyle. I’m sure it’s not going to last long. The soap I bought was called Imperial Leather. It sounded manly- and that’s why I got it. I’m a manly man, after all.

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