Scotland 3: Day 12 (The Conclusion)

04.13.2007 | Reykjavik, Iceland 10.28.2020: And that's all I have- I didn't take very many pictures on this last day. I must have been tired...? I wish I could remember more of these stories. Thank goodness I've gotten better at keeping notes since 2007! The End

Scotland 3: Day 11

04.12.2007 | Glasgow, Scotland I arrived very early to catch a train up to Balloch, to get a boat ride on Loch Lomond. Balloch, Scotland Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland 3: Day 10

04.11.2007 | Glasgow, Scotland Paisley, Scotland I took the train to nearby Paisley, Scotland. I wanted to see it, because this is one of the places that my ancestors came from. I love to imagine what landmarks would have been here when my ancestors walked these streets. Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland 3: Day 9

'Scotland 3' was cut in two, when I went to Ireland for just under two weeks. 04.10.2007 | Glasgow, Scotland All I remember from this day was that I flew from Belfast, back to Glasgow. The only surviving picture of this day is this selfie I took from my new hostel.

Ireland 2007: Day 13

04.09.2007 | Belfast, Ireland The only thing I remember about this day was that there was an enormous "gang" of motor scooter riders... and I went to see the movie Wild Hogs. This would be my last day in Ireland, sadly. This is the last post for 'Ireland 2007'. Tomorrow's post will be the continuation... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2007: Day 12

04.08.2007 | Belfast, Ireland When my friend Tracy heard I was going to Belfast, she gave me the contact information for the Jackson family. I don't remember how she met them, but not only did I look them up, they took me to church and gave me dinner afterward. It was a wonderful afternoon in... Continue Reading →

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