Ireland 2007: Day 4

03.31.2007 | Sixmilebridge, Ireland Today, I was leaving Sixmilebridge, headed to Limerick to catch a train down to Cork. This is Colm- he was on the bus with me into Limerick where he works as a hair stylist. Limerick, Ireland The Train Station in Limerick Limerick > Cork Cork, Ireland Walking from the Cork train... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2007: Day 3

03.30.2007 | Sixmilebridge, Ireland Today I want for another long walk down a country road. It was good for my soul! Posing with a Ribena bottle so I could send the picture to my friend Colee- it's our favorite!

Ireland 2007: Day 2

03.29.2007 | Sixmilebridge, Ireland All I remember from this day was taking a bus into Limerick with one of my hostel mates. A nice girl whose name I don't remember. Nor can I remember where she was from. Limerick, Scotland

Ireland 2007: Day 1

10.26.20: It is always a struggle to get my life organized. In an attempt to this very thing, I am posting these old pictures from my third visit to Scotland and my first visit to Ireland (I will be using ‘#Scotland 3’ and ‘#Ireland 2007’ as the tags). I don’t remember very many of the... Continue Reading →

Scotland 3: Day 8

03.27.2007 | Edinburgh, Scotland Bangers & Mash at Monster Mash The Parliament Building Holyrood Park, looking up to Arthur's Seat Climbing Arthur's Seat Arthur's Seat Looking from Arthur's Seat to Calton Hill Holyrood Palace from Arthur's Seat Haunted Tour of Greyfriars Greyfriars Bobby After this post, I go into Ireland. I will use the hashtag... Continue Reading →

Scotland 3: Day 6

03.25.2007 | Edinburgh, Scotland My First Haggis! This was consumed at a small restaurant called Monster Mash! The Staff at Monster Mash My room at the hostel. Exploring Greyfriars Mexican Food for Dinner! Edinburgh Castle at Night

Scotland 3: Day 5

03.24.2007 | Inverness, Scotland I remember Jordan. He worked here when I visited, two years in a row. He was very nice! Stirling, Scotland I said goodbye to Inverness, and got on the train, headed south. I took a picture of this 'Stirling' sign from the train, so that I could do research and plan... Continue Reading →

Scotland 3: Day 4

03.23.2007 | Inverness, Scotland Today I walked south about 6 miles, one way, to Loch Ness. So much of the walk was on the shoulder of the road. There weren't any sidewalks once I was out of Inverness. Loch Ness Loch Ness Loch Ness Loch Ness Loch Ness I had no tripod for my camera,... Continue Reading →

Scotland 3: Day 3

03.22.2007 | Inverness, Scotland I left the hostel quite early, and walked north, to the top of the River Ness. I made it back to my hostel (the entrance is around the corner). Oh- how I love cemeteries! Could this be my ancestor? I love the skull and crossbones The River Ness at Night

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